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Work History Contract Work Skills & Interests

SJ Straith
Cell: 408-892-0649
Email: S J Straith or S J Straith


Offer a broad variety of talents and skills, including the ability to learn new skills rapidly. Skills include:


Data Entry/Software Support
OFFICETEAM (November 2002 to Present)
3600 W Bayshore Rd, #103, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Duties vary by assignment. Most assignments with OfficeTeam have been some form of data entry or spreadsheet work.

Data Entry/Software Support
SPHERION (August 2000 to Present)
29 E. Third Avenue, San Mateo, CA 94401

Duties vary by assignment, mostly spreadsheet development, data entry, word processing and/or software support. One recent assignment consisted primarily of extensive Excel macro development.

Data Entry/Document Control
ANN WELLS PERSONNEL SERVICES (July 1999 to August 2000)
1230 Oakmead Pkwy, Suite 301, Sunnyvale, CA 94086-4026

Duties (using both Win platform and UNIX) on this assignment varied greatly. Among them were:

  • Verification and tracking of ECOs, as well as assisting Engineers in writing them.

  • Creating and shipping software CDs (5 or less) to various company and customer sites

  • Sending a Master CD to supplier for mass (6 or more) produced copies

  • Sending Master document files to manual supplier via courier or ftp

  • Assisting supervisor in other projects as needed

Call Center/Data Entry
INTERIM PERSONNEL (March 1998 to July 1999)
Cupertino and Santa Clara Offices

Duties varied by assignment, mostly inbound call center, document control and/or data entry.

Beta Testing
Corel (Paradox 9 Beta test project) (September 1998 - March 1999)

Part of the Beta Test team for Paradox 9, focusin on printing reports to HTML for static web pages.

Database Specialist
READ-RITE CORPORATION (August 1992 - March 1998)
345 Los Coches St., Milpitas, CA 95035

Maintened the Milpitas Wafer Fab Engineering department's error tracking database, which was in Paradox 3.5 for DOS. It became necessary to migrate the application from DOS to a Windows version, using the current version, Paradox 5.0. Responsible for the ObjectPAL coding of all forms and reports to replace the original application, as well as, creating new reports, forms, a series of graphs and a crosstab. After the migration maintained the database.

Maintained Excel spreadsheets and graphs and automated them using VBA. Created several new Excel spreadsheets and graphs for data correlation and analysis.

Responsible for using these tools for the generation of reports for the daily morning meetings, as well as supporting the department manager with other reports and documents as needed.

Contract Work
Web Development, Design & Management (July 1999 - Present)
Built this site as an active Q & A resource for the soc.history.medieval newsgroup. Included is basic information about the newsgroup and its members. (July 1999 - January 2002)
Started rebuilding this site for the Hardwick's Tobacco chain in July of 1999. The tools used for this site were Allaire's Homesite, Arachnophilia, Notepad, Editpad , (in Unix) Pico, as well as Mapedit for creating imagemaps. (January 2002 - Present) Built and maintain this site for Jonathan Hersha after he bought the Sacramento store from the Hardwick’s Tobacco chain in January of 2002. (November 1998 - Present)
Built this site for a gaming group, and have maintained and modified it as needed. The site has not been updated recently because the group has been inactive. (October 1997 - Present)
Originally built as a vanity site using Win3.1 Notepad. It was (and is) a place to display resumes and samples of work. Have maintained and added, using a combination of Allaire's Homesite, Notepad, Editpad, and Pico.


Participated in various Science Fiction Conventions as either Convention Staff or dealer for roughly twenty years. As convention staff, have worked as Gofer, Gofer Lieutenant, Registration, Convention Operations, Publications and Dealers Room Liaison. Because SF conventions are run by volunteers, have had to learn how to deal diplomatically with volunteers, who can disappear on you at any time.

Member of the Silicon Valley Linux Users Group (SVLUG)


Have worked with many types of computers and software, both in a paid and a personal capacity.

  • IBM PC's and compatibles

  • Sun SPARC

  • Operating Systems:
  • Win 3.x/95/98/2000 (14 yrs, over all)

  • DOS (15 yrs)

  • Unix/Linux (10 years

  • Solaris (2 year)

  • Software packages:
  • Paradox
  • DBase III+
  • Wordprocessing:
  • MS Word

  • WordPerfect

  • Spreadsheet:
  • Excel

  • Quattro Pro
  • Lotus 1-2-3

  • Netscape Communicator

  • MS Internet Explorer
  • Eudora

  • MS Exchange
  • Web Development:
  • Allaire HomeSite 3.01

  • Mapedit

  • Presentation:
  • MS PowerPoint 97

  • Corel Presentations 7
  • DIM Packages:
  • MS Outlook 97

  • Publication Software:
  • Framemaker

  • UNIX/Linux specific:
    Mail/News Readers
    Non-graphical Web Browsers
    Text Editors
    GNU Emacs

    Programming & Scripting languages:
    Skill Level: Strong
  • Paradox ObjectPAL

  • HTML

  • VBA
  • Skill Level: Light to Moderate
  • Delphi (ver 1-3)

  • JavaScript

  • Perl


    Microsoft Certified Office Specialist – Excel
    Microsoft Certified Office Specialist – Word


    Paradox 5.0 ObjectPAL (1995 & 1996)
    Delphi 2 (1996)
    Delphi 3 (1997)

    FOOTHILL COLLEGE, Los Altos Hills, CA (June 2002 - December 2002)
    Introduction to Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
    Oracle Database Administration

    This resume updated on June 8, 2005.

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